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Meet JIM – award-winning energy management system

The Jetlun Intelligent Management solution "JIM" is an entire family of intelligent network management products for energy. JIM equips you with the necessary tools to take back control of your energy expenses and reduce your carbon footprint. Putting you back in the drivers seat, JIM is the simplest way to reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint.

Increase awareness

JIM provides you with information to help increase awareness of your energy usage. Studies show that an increase in energy usage awareness can help reduce energy usage from 20-30%.

The Power of Information

Information is only useful if you have the right information. Providing granular energy usage information of the entire home or building, of individual phase and circuits, and even of each plug, JIM allows you to accurately pinpoint areas that are consuming the most power.

Take Control and Save

Through an intuitive user interface, JIM provides a platform to remotely manage appliances in the home. Easily turn on/off devices, adjust the temperature on your thermostats and pre-configure different modes for when you are out for the day, or on extended vacation.


  • Integrated HomePlug and ZigBee solution
  • Web-based, simple, and intuitive interface
  • Real-time home energy usage data display
  • Granular energy usage view by whole-home, by phase, by circuit and by appliance
  • Automatic calculation of carbon footprint
  • Forecast monthly energy bills
  • Tracks renewable energy
  • Remote monitoring and management of entire network

Please mail to sales [@] jetlun [.] com for more information.